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How to Select a Perfume?
The first step while perfume selection is to decide the budget. The prices of designer perfumes are very high. The branded perfumes are a very good option, as they are available in a wide variety of fragrances. Look out for discounts, if any, on the branded perfumes.

The second step is to find out the fragrance you want. The fragrances and smells fall in seven major categories, as follows:

  • Floral and Fruity Perfumes: Floral fragrances are based on perfume oils, including jasmine, rose, gardenia, orange and carnation. Floral fragrances exhibit distinct feminine quality. Floral fragrances have a vast variety of colors and flavors and are inspire the creativity to run wild with the fruity, green, spicy hints. Fruity notes such as raspberry, lychee and apple are available in different bottles with attractive shapes and sizes. The floral perfumes create a romantic and stylish image. The fruity perfumes are refreshing and are great any time and anywhere.
  • Oriental Perfumes: They are usually made from the vanilla and oak moss, along with the balsamic fragrance. They are exotic perfumes are for special occasions and have a heavy smell. Oriental perfumes are usually preferred by matured women on special occasions.
  • Woody and Fougere Perfumes: They are included in men cologne and are rarely used in heavy evening scents.
Perfume selection is dependent on when and where you want to wear the perfume. The floral and light perfumes should be worn in daytime; while the exotic and heavy ones during the night. Select mild perfumes for workplaces.

When you have decided the time and occasion of wearing the perfume, the next step of perfume selection is to try the perfumes, using the testers available. Every perfume has a description of its own and you must not rely on this description. It is important that the perfumes be tried. This step while perfume selection does not imply barely sniffing the perfume testers, as this will not give you an exact idea of the fragrance when you wear the perfume. Instead, spray the perfume on a tester paper. It is observed that the fragrance of most of the quality perfumes changes after a while. Hence, check the smell of the testing paper after 30 min. the perfumes have three notes which are as follows:

  • Top notes: The top notes are the notes that define the initial smell of the perfume, just after it has been sprayed.
  • Heart Notes: The heart notes are the middle notes and these exhibit the true scent of a perfume. This note lasts for the longest period.
  • Final Notes: The final notes are the scents of the base components like essential oils or musk. These notes are usually observed when the perfume fades away.
Another way of testing the perfume before selection, is to ask for free samples. When you are shopping online for perfumes, many companies provide free samples.

A store that specializes in perfumes is a good option for selection and testing of perfumes, from the wide variety available. The same perfumes are available at discounted prices at the small shops. Online perfume shopping can also be light for your pockets, as online shops keep the same brands of perfumes, though, at a much lower price than the expensive specialized shops.

Finally, the last doubt about how to select a perfume in your mind can be whether a larger bottle of perfume should be selected or should the smaller ones be opted for? The answer is very simple! If you are selecting a perfume for daily wear, only then must you opt for the larger bottles. At times, rather than choosing a large bottle, you can buy 2-3 small bottles of perfume to wear on special occasions.

Every time you select a perfume, buy a fresh bottle of perfume, as even the fragrance of high quality perfumes do not last long. Some people are allergic to particular perfumes. You must keep this in mind before selecting a perfume. These were some of the tips for perfume selection which will make you a smart buyer the next time you go shopping for a perfume.