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Our Differences:

Interested in opening and starting your own Couture Perfume Shop? This may be the Couture Perfume Shop opportunity you've been looking for. At Couture Parfums, we strongly believe in providing outstanding customer service, in maintaining a creative environment, in great fragrance and bottle selection, in high quality fragrances, in competitive prices, and in perpetual training & education. The customer's needs come first and foremost, no matter what; all staff members make it their mission to give great value to each and every customer, whether that person is a wholesale buyer, a regular shopper, a new class student, or party attendee. These philosophies have driven our Couture Perfume Shop franchise model to become profitable on perfumes and fragrances supplies. When opening a new Couture Perfume Shop and retail locations, we look for Couture Perfume Shop franchisees who share these values, and want to give back to their customers and the community. This can be done, while simultaneously growing a profitable, fun, and exciting business when starting your own Perfume Shop.

  • There is not extra franchise fee !
  • You will receive fragrances for your franchise payment !
  • You will get refill fragrances with bottles !
  • We will give the concept Couture Perfume Shop details, colors etc. to you!
  • We will deliver the products fast!

The Perfume Shop Franchise Advantage:
Starting a Couture Perfume Shop alone can be very time consuming and difficult. We simplify the entire process by supplying training, promotional materials, hundreds of vendors, order lists, training, development assistance and operations manual, as well as helping to negotiate for a space, hire employees, and providing ongoing support and training. Our Couture Perfume Shop franchisees receive special pricing and discounts negotiated with our city, national wholesalers and international factories. We spend the weeks prior to, and after the opening of each new Couture Perfume Shop with the new owners to ensure a smooth start. We also have specially negotiated rates and terms with most national wholesalers, again making starting your own Couture Perfume Shop even easier and more profitable! By providing the best pricing on inventory and supplies available anywhere, each Couture Perfume Shop can pass the savings on to your customers! This is a great time to start a Couture Perfume Shop, with a rapidly growing perfume and fragrance market.